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Book Tour and Giveaway ~ The Priestess of Morengard by Jenna Wood


Title: The Priestess of Morengard

Author: Jenna Wood

Genre: Fantasy/Adventure/Romance

Publication Date:October 18, 2013

Cover Artist: Bryan Wood

Tour Host: Dreams Come True Promotions


Two rulers. One kingdom. For hundreds of years Morengard has been divided in such a way. Together, the King and Priestess have coexisted peacefully, each playing the part they have been given as decreed by the Ancient Dictum.

However, the king’s own son, Talis, questions it and when the foolhardy prince decides to take matters into his own hands, he finds himself faced with the dark truth behind the Dictum. Unprepared for the devastation he unleashes, the prince must fight to uncover the secrets behind the ancient decree with the help of a reclusive spinster.

But as Talis attempts to piece together the puzzle, he finds his endeavor threatened. Not only by that which seeks to end his life, but by an ill-fated love that reveals all too late that the gods have a hand in everything.


Born in Arizona, I live with my husband (he is also my extremely talented cover artist), two dogs, and four cats. Since a very young age, I have loved to write. Through the years I have written poems, short stories, and full length novels. My subjects tend to lean towards the darker side with themes dealing with betrayal, murder, war, and madness. My genre has been primarily fantasy, with a YA series being the majority of my work. I have just recently dipped my toe into the adult fantasy romance arena with my latest novel, The Priestess of Morengard.


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There was a scraping sound and footsteps. They stopped before the door but after a moment, it still remained closed. Holding the wound in his side, he managed one more knock.

“Please,” he whispered into the crack of the door. “Please open the door. I’m wounded. Please.”



He could hardly manage to speak as the edge of his consciousness went fuzzy and black. His vision darkened as he struggled to remain upright. Then there was the click of a latch and light filtered through the widening crack. He couldn’t see the person’s face, but it didn’t matter.

“Help me,” he whispered and his strength was gone. His knees buckled and the world went dark.

Blog Tour and Giveaway ~ The Invincible Flying Eagle by Perto Herrera

Title ~ The Invincible Flying Eagle
Author ~ Perto Herrera
Publication Date ~ August 2, 2013

Perto Herrera ~

Sexual Abuse Survivor, Author, Speaker, Humanitarian, Human Rights Activist

After a successful career in home health care, including managing his own company, Perto Herrera became an author and continued his calling to help needy people, especially victims of sexual abuse.

Herrera himself is a survivor of severe sexual molestation as a young boy raised in a poverty-stricken family in a small village in El Salvador. The personal lessons learned had led the author to full time writing, speaking, and philanthropic efforts to help sexual abuse victims and individuals trapped in poverty.

Two to three times a year Herrera travels to meet face-to-face with sexual abuse victims, parents and family members of victims, and men who are abusers. In 2010 on an early trip to El Salvador, Perto actually met two of the men who sexually abused him as a boy, talked with them, hugged them, and forgave them. His message to victims is how to survive and escape from abuse through courage, faith, and concerted action. His message to parents is to believe their children and protect them.

Perto also has paid the costs to send six children to college to escape poverty and enter professions such as law, business and teaching. He has pledged to spend 75 percent of the proceeds from his book to help needy persons and abused persons. Perto’s personal story of abuse is told in his first book, The Invincible Flying Eagle: Book One. This painful and shocking memoir tells the story of how Perto was abused by 11 people (nine men and two women) over a period of five years until the day his saving grace – in the form of an eagle, attacked his most dangerous abuser. The eagle, Perto believes to be a messenger from God, guided him toward a safer place and a new chance at life.

After escaping from his village as a pre-teen, Perto was captured by guerrilla forces and forced to serve as a child warrior in the rebel army. After refusing to use a rifle to kill anyone, Perto was punished several times but ended up being a radio operator for the commanding general. After lying to a priest about wanting to become a priest, Perto escaped the Army with the help of monks and lived in two convents in Central America before escaping to Mexico and then to the United States.

Summing up his mission, Herrera says: “I want the needy ones and victims of abuse to know that they are not alone anymore. I am here for them as they strive toward the pinnacles of personal recovery.”

“When I was raped and abused as a young boy I felt alone and trapped without hope,” says Herrera. “I now want to do everything I can to help people trapped in poverty and to help children who feel alone and guilty because they have been molested. My book is to educate readers about how horrid sexual abuse is, and my humanitarian efforts are to help victims recover and live a normal life feeling loved and worthy.”

The book details in raw, lurid detail the deplorable sexual attacks on a seven-year-old boy, his mother’s denial, and hopelessness that led to several suicide attempts, and how the Eagle saved him from drowning, and rescued him from a vicious rape.

In 2010 on one of his early trips back to El Salvador to the village where he was raised, Herrera encountered two of the men who molested and sexually abused him as a youth. He told them why it was wrong, the effect it had on him, and asked if they were still abusers. At the end of the encounter, he hugged his former abusers and forgave them. Men who are victims of sexual abuse don’t like to talk about their experiences which is why very few men will write a book about being molested as a helpless young boy of seven. And no author, except Perto H, will write a book filled with raw, shocking, and horrid detail about those experiences. But Perto H. did exactly that in “The Invincible Flying Eagle” because he wants readers to come to grips with the reality of childhood abuse and understand just exactly what is sexual.


There was a gentleman in our neighborhood named B1. I liked him very much because he was a quiet, good man—a gentleman is the only way to describe him. But there were rumors in the village, and people were saying that he was fooling around with my mother—or, perhaps, the other way around—my mother was fooling around with him. Although he was a single man, I didn’t believe the rumors. I remember I was so mad at everybody because they were saying bad things about two people I cared about. Well, unfortunately, I was wrong, and the rumors were true. A few months later, I noticed my mother’s tummy was getting bigger and bigger. She was pansona—pregnant Dahhh! So I guess that makes me a dummy? Or maybe I was just an innocent boy? Uhmmm…

When my grandpa became aware of my mother’s pregnancy, he was so mad that he wanted to kill her. He had an old rifle and actually went after her, so she ran to save her life and without even thinking about it, I followed her. There was no way I was going to be left behind or leave her to die alone. When we first fled home, I remember running through the creek and jungle. We hid, trying not to make any noise because Grandpa was always following close behind us and because I went with my mother, my grandfather was even more furious.

He kept calling my name, “Perto! Come back here, Perto. This is not your problem! The one who is going to die is your mother!”


Herrera himself is a survivor of severe sexual molestation as a young boy raised in a poverty-stricken family in a small village in El Salvador. The personal lessons learned had led the author to full time writing, speaking, and philanthropic efforts to help sexual abuse victims and individuals trapped in poverty.

A native of Chalantenango, El Salvador, Perto Herrera escaped to Guatemala, then to Mexico and then Los Angeles and lived in the San Fernando Valley, Stockton and Tucson before moving to Houston. before and After graduating from high school, Herrera earned several certifications in home health care and general management. Before organizing his own company, in 1997 Ph Homecare Management, LLC, Herrera worked as an agricultural worker, medical assistant, radio operator, textile factory worker and has volunteered as a Red Cross blood processor, bilingual instructor, trainer for caregivers, and as a catechism instructor.

Two to three times a year Herrera travels to meet face-to-face with sexual abuse victims, parents and family members of victims, and men who are abusers. In 2010 on an early trip to El Salvador, Perto actually met two of the men who sexually abused him as a boy, talked with them, hugged them, and forgave them. His message to victims is how to survive and escape from abuse through courage, faith, and concerted action. His message to parents is to believe their children and protect them.

Summing up his mission, Herrera says: “I want the needy ones and victims of abuse to know that they are not alone anymore. I am here for them as they strive toward the pinnacles of personal recovery.”


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Cover Reveal and Giveaway ~ Yes, Master by Margaret McHeyzer


Yes, Master CR pic

Yes, Master by Margaret McHeyzer

Dark Erotic Romance

Release Date: February 19, 2014


My uncle raped me.

I was 10 years old when it started.

At 13 he told me I was no longer wanted because I had started to develop.

At 16 I was ready to kill him.

Today, I’m broken.

Today, I only breathe to survive.

My name’s Sergeant Major Ryan Jenkins and today, I’m ready to tell you my story.


“Master would flog me if I did, she won’t be happy when I tell her what happened here.”



Oh, Master.

Yes, Master Cover


“It’s just such a difficult situation.”

“Of course it’s difficult.” She stops talking and taps her fingernails again. My eyes go to where she’s tapping, and then follow up to her face. I try to avoid her abrasive orbs. “You’re overpowered by agony and torment, and it’s slowly claiming you day by day.”

I finally concede and look into Stella’s eyes. Because every word she’s said, and every sentence that she’s breathed out has been so accurate about me.

“Freedom,” she says as I intake a huge gulp of air at that word. “I can promise you freedom if you can promise me you’ll never lie to me.”


I want it. I think I may even deserve my very own happily ever after. Are they real? According to movies and books they’re attainable. But this isn’t a movie, or even a fucking book.

This is my life.

And I’m going to try to get it.

“No lies, ever,” I whisper.

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I don’t do ‘normal’.

I’ve found that the more I write, the more I like being different to other authors. I write in first person, and I love to challenge a reader.
I take the normal and switch it around.
For me, I really enjoy getting a reaction from a reader. So if I can evoke an emotion (regardless of if it’s the emotion the reader wants) then I figure that I’ve done my job as an author I want to be.
I really quite revel in taking people out of their comfort zones and pushing them to read something different.
My genre of writing is, well quite frankly, where ever my mind goes. I won’t label myself because I don’t like sticking to one genre.
My goal with writing is just to take people away from whatever is going on in their lives, even if it’s only for a split second.
I’m a go with the flow sort of person and don’t really take a course of action to get where I am going. I live in the moment and don’t usually worry about tomorrow because whatever life is due to bring me, I’ll be happy to accept.
I love my family and friends and will help anyway I can if someone needs it. I really don’t like people that are nasty just because they can be, I don’t believe that’s necessary, I mean life’s hard enough as it is!
I hope you enjoy my books, I’ve had a hoot writing them. There’s more to come…..
Til next time.

M xx

Connect with Margaret on * FACEBOOK *

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Book Tour ~ Justice by Rebecca Royce


Justice by Rebecca Royce

Genre: New Adult Urban Fantasy/ Post-Apocalyptic

ISBN: C 978-1-61333-629-8

Book Length: 147 pages

Publisher: Decadent Publishing




My name is Rachel Clancy, and if you’re reading this, chances are I am dead. I have returned to Genesis, my family and Chad. I think I might even be happy. But you know, happy endings aren’t for everyone least of all me.

Dr. Icahn is still out there, and if I have any hope of finishing this fight once and for all—I will need the help of those who want to kill me. Please don’t think me a hero or a martyr. I’m just a girl, who’s made a lot of mistakes, but I know what I have to do.

And know, whatever happens next, I didn’t do it for me. I did it for a future that I have to have faith will exist…even if I’m not there to see it.

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My name is Rachel Clancy.

If you’ve been reading these books, then you already know that. But I feel the need to introduce myself to you every time I start a new one, like you might have just found me, or you’re a stranger I don’t know. Manners dictate the introduction although I suspect I’ll never know your name in return, which is okay. Maybe it’s better I never do.

I haven’t held anything back from you. I’ve not tried to make myself look better or less selfish or more mature. No, I wrote down everything the way I remember it happening. Someone else might remember the events differently but this is how it happened for me, or at least how I see it when I think about the years between my sixteenth and eighteenth birthdays.

Eighteen would have made me a grown-up in the Before Time, in the days before Dr. Icahn’s experiments nearly ended the entire world. In the time after, sixteen became the year we achieved maturity. Still, for me, since I could remember what my life had been like before, eighteen meant something when I finally got there.

It indicated I had survived, somehow. When I blew out the candles, low-sung lyrics of “Happy Birthday” filling the room, and my mother and father cheering, I couldn’t help but disbelieve I’d actually made it to my birthday. Was this all a dream? Had I died on a field, eaten by a Werewolf, and these thoughts of my eighteenth birthday were imaginings of my dying mind?

Writing these tales, telling them to you, helps me to believe they happened.

But the sad truth is, if you are reading them, then most likely I am dead.


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Blog Tour and Giveaway ~ Girl of Lies by Charles Sheehan-Miles


Book ~ Girl of Lies

Author ~ Charles Sheehan-Miles

Tour Host ~ ACS Tours

Girl of Lies ECOVER

~ Synopsis ~
Andrea Thompson is smart, assertive and beautiful. She’s also desperately lonely. Raised in Europe by her grandmother, she struggles knowing neither of her parents wanted her, and she has no idea why.

When Andrea receives an urgent call from her older sister Carrie, she agrees to fly to the United States to help. Carrie’s newborn daughter Rachel needs a bone marrow transplant.

What Andrea doesn’t know is that her return to the United States will launch a chain of events that will uncover secrets hidden for decades. Secrets which will rock the Thompson family and ignite a political firestorm.

Secrets that some will kill to protect.
~ Goodreads Link ~
~ Author Bio ~
Charles Sheehan-Miles has been a soldier, computer programmer, short-order cook and non-profit executive, and is the author of several fiction and non-fiction books, including the indie bestsellers Just Remember to Breathe and Republic: A Novel of America’s Future.

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3 signed paperbacks of Just Remember to Breathe
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Book Tour and Giveaway ~ Shuttered Affections by Rene Folsom

Title: Shuttered Affections
Author: Rene Folsom
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Publication Date: October 15, 2013

After escaping to a college town, Juliana Petersen was determined to put her troubled past behind her and make the most of life. She was satisfied with her current situation, or so she thought. It wasn’t until the day her new photography professor stole her parking spot that she realized there was such thing as lust at first sight. Now, she must struggle with the decision to break the rules and fall in love, or step back and let the chance of a lifetime pass her by—all while her past relationships come back to haunt her.

How many men will it take to break Julia’s hold on reality?

Warning: This novel contains sexual situations and is meant for adult readers ages 18 and up.

~ My Review ~

This is a great book! As Rene’s books always do, it sucked me in from the beginning and kept me there thru the whole story! It is wonderfully realistic and had me feeling all the emotions right there along with the characters! It had some good action along with a few twists and turns, some serious sexual tension and hot, steamy sex scenes! 😉 I definitely can not wait to read the next in this series!

Rene Folsom, author of paranormal romance and erotica, lives in Florida with her husband and three kids. She has officially diagnosed herself with creative ADD and, if it weren’t for her day job as a web programmer, she would have a million and one writing projects going at once. In addition to web design, she is also a graphic artist who loves to create custom book cover designs for indie authors. She is definitely an artist at heart and would love nothing more than to be elbow deep in clay during her waking hours.Rene believes that all fiction is based on some form of reality—otherwise we would never have the inspiration or knowledge to dream up the realistic situations we portray with our words. She is proud to say that her personal experiences have been inspirational, though perhaps not always identical to that of her fictional characters. Where reality and fantasy diverge, however, must remain her little secret…

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Book Tour and Giveaway ~ Finding Home by J.W. Phillips


Title: Finding Home

Author:J.W. Phillips

Publication Date: November 11, 2013

Cover By:


Julie Emison never believed in demons, ghouls, or things that go bump in the night. Trucker Castleman never believed in love. Imagine their surprise when they discovered each other.

Eighteen-year-old Julie lived in a small town in Tennessee, where the most exciting thing ever to happen was the arrival of the charismatic Trucker. Seventeen-year-old Trucker was different from anyone that had ever lived in the town before, and he wanted Julie. She affected him in ways he couldn’t comprehend. Trucker had no right to love. He didn’t even believe he could. But he did love Julie.

With Trucker, Julie found isolation, unbearable pain, and that happily ever afters do not exist. However, she also never felt more alive. After a tragic accident, Julie faced a hard decision. Did she endure it all for the sake of love? Or was the price of sin more than she could afford to pay?

See Trailer for the book here –


J.W. is a stay at home mom with 2 0n-the-go kids, an amazing husband and 1 lovable dog. She lives in a small town in Tennessee, where she enjoys writing, reading, and talking. She was told from a young age that her dreams of writing were ludicrous. However, after a talk with her daughter she pulled out her old laptop and rediscovered her desire to tell stories. She doesn’t consider herself an author, more a teller of tall tales.


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Review Tour ~ In The Fields by Willow Aster

In the Fields Review Tour Banner

IntheFields_ebook cvr


1971—In the tiny, backward town of Tulma, Tennessee, optimistic, bookish Caroline Carson unwittingly finds herself in the middle of a forbidden romance. Severely neglected by her family and forced to flee Tulma to protect her secrets, Caroline’s young life comes crashing down around her. She finds refuge in a new town, but the past always has a way of stretching around time and stirring up trouble.

When a new love comes into her life, she has to decide if she can give her heart to someone else, or if she will always be tied to someone she can’t have.


IntheFields_full cvr

~ My Review ~

Wow! This book is amazing! Willow Aster is truly an awesome author! This is not your typically written romance book. It is much more realistic and relatable than your typical romance story. It was written in a way that drew in me in completely. I fell in love the the characters and felt every emotion right along with them. I definitely recommend this book if you want to read something different in the romance genre!







Willow Aster is the author of True Love Story and In the Fields…and many more to come. Her characters sometimes drive her crazy, but she couldn’t live without them.







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Cover Reveal ~ Someone to Love

Spencer Jacobs thought his life was pretty damn perfect. He had a good job, a long-time girlfriend, and a bright happy future ahead. That is, until that fateful night when he walked in and saw the ultimate betrayal between the woman he loved and his own twin brother. After having his heart ripped open by the two people he trusted most, Spencer fled his hometown in search for a new life.
Befriending Tucker Wade in this sleepy town had proven to be a good thing. Tucker had given him a job and a new beginning. He thought he needed time to heal, but even after the two years, he still hadn’t gotten over the pain of what that night had cost him. Spencer doesn’t believe that he will ever be able to trust anyone again with his heart, let alone to ever love again.  That is, until the fateful day Lexi Allen walked in his life. The spunky redhead had the ability to bust down that fortress he had built around his heart, leaving him questioning everything he thought he ever knew about himself.
Lexi Allen has never been in love. She has always held out for that special person, that special someone that she can give her whole heart to. The day hunky Spencer Jacobs walks in her life, she quickly realizes that he just may be that person. The only problem is, he’s broken and he can’t offer her anything more than a good time.
Will Lexi and Spencer ever find someone to love?
Cover Designed by Melissa Gill @ MGBookCovers
Photo by: MHPhotography
Remember Love (The Forever Love Series #1)
They say you can never go home again. Brenna James is about to finish her final year of college when a visit home could change everything. Fate was pushing her towards her childhood best friend, Tucker, leaving Brenna no other option than to remember memories from a time once forgotten. Can Tucker slip himself into her heart? Will he be able to show her his feelings? The biggest question is, can Tucker help Brenna remember love?
The book has sexual situations and language intended for ages 18 & up.
~ Purchase Links ~

~ Teaser ~

When I go to sit on the end opposite him, he reaches out and gently grasps my wrist pulling me down beside him, causing my heart to start fluttering in my chest. I feel his hand on my ponytail pulling the holder out and dropping it in my lap. Then his fingers are gently running through my hair.

“So what happens after you graduate?” he asks while looking straight in my eyes.

“I’m not sure yet. I could teach art or try the sell my work.” I shrug because I have no idea what I want to do yet.

“Have you ever showed your work?”

“I will be this summer. I’m going to an art show in Tennessee.”

“Sounds like fun.” He replies.

His body tenses just enough for me to notice, and then his hand tightens in my hair, slightly tugging it. I have to take a deep breath just to hold in the groan that wants to come out.

“You could go with me, if you want.”


Well that’s better than a no.

That was also the end of our conversation. Spencer used his grip in my hair to turn my head to face him. Our mouths meet and it wasn’t a sweet “hi, nice to meet you” kiss. It was a “I want you naked now” kinda kiss.

Before I know what I am doing, I am straddling his waist with my hands on each side of his head.

He doesn’t release my hair as he devours my mouth. His other hand is running down my back to my hip and back up. We kiss for what feels like hours and I’m crazy with desire. I feel his hand slip under the waist band of my pants and grip one bare butt cheek. Spencer groans and then his mouth leaves mine and my head is pulled back exposing my neck to him.

Spencer runs his tongue down my throat to my collar bone. He pulls my lower body closer to his connecting our centers together, and now it’s me that’s groaning. I press closer to him and began to rock my hips against him. He squeezes my ass hard again, before taking his hand to push up my shirt and expose my breasts to him. He fondles one breast in his hand while taking the nipple of the other in his mouth. I am about to come just from this.

“Spencer,” I pant out his name, my breath is seriously short right now. I’m surprised I got that much out.

“Yeah?” He says against my breast as he runs his tongue around my nipple.


That’s it, that’s all I can say. I feel so needy and know he’s the only one that can put out this fire he’s started. I let go of his head and start tugging at his shirt, I want to feel his skin against mine. He releases me long enough to get it over his head. We probably shouldn’t be doing this yet, but damn I can’t seem to stop. I want more; I need more.  I stand up and kick off my shoes and push my yoga pants down, leaving me in nothing but my thong. Spencer stands up in front of me looking down, his eyes searching mine. I guess whatever he found there was enough for him. He kisses me hard and deep and the next thing I know I’m hoisted over his shoulder and he’s moving, hopefully heading toward his bedroom.

~ Trailers ~
Cover Designed by Melissa Gill @ MGBookCovers
About Riley Rhea
Riley Rhea is your typical country girl, born and raised in the Bluegrass. In the last 30 something years, she has successfully brought into this world 3 children, which may or not be claimed by her, depending on their behavior.
Riley enjoys reading, spending time on the farm and quiet afternoons when those who call her mom leave the house. Riley also loves country music and drools over Luke Bryan. Riley’s biggest fears are crickets and banks.
Not just an avid reader, Riley is an active blogger and reviews many books during the span of a week when she isn’t writing about her loveable and sexy country boys.
She’s always had a background in writing, her mother being an author, and one day, out of the blue, 2 characters popped into her head and wouldn’t shut up. After some advice from a good friend, Remember Love was born.
Thank you all for taking time to get to know Riley a little better. You can always find her on Facebook if y’all want to chat a little more.
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Blog Tour ~ Echoes in the Glass by Cheri Lasota


Title: Echoes in the Glass

Author: Cheri Lasota

Release date: December 2013

Publisher: Ever-Sea Press

Age Group: Young Adult

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Tour organized by: AToMR Tours


Links to the book ~

Goodreads / Amazon US



Book Description ~

Finnian bears the scar of an unspeakable crime. Tiria hides the pain of a terrible betrayal. When all their secrets are laid bare, will the truth rip them apart or forever silence the echoes of the past?
Seventeen-year-old Finnian Bell has been on the run for years, but he finally has a chance to rebuild his life while restoring an abandoned lighthouse on the Oregon Coast. Tiria Lucas, the lightkeeper’s daughter, is still reeling from the pain of an event that has shattered her innocence. Fear and bitterness have turned her heart from Finnian, but he is determined not to let her go.
The lighthouse harbors dark secrets of its own… When Finnian and Tiria uncover the story of two teens hidden in the tower back in 1935, they discover a shocking connection that bridges time and death.
Crossing genres into worlds you’ve never seen… Echoes in the Glass is half-contemporary, half-historical with enough mystery, romance and lighthouse lore to ignite your imagination.


~ Tour Giveaway ~

 e-book  Artemis Rising,  (1)  coffee cup and pen swag for Artemis


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~ Author’s take on Finnian Bell ~

Is he based on anyone you know?

Self-sacrificing characters intrigue me most of all. It’s so unusual in real life to know people like that. Two of my favorite characters of this variety are Jamie Fraser (Outlander) and Sydney Carton (A Tale of Two Cities). I used those two characters as a jumping off point, but Finnian took on a voice of his own. He let me know what he wanted to say, and he would often surprise me.

What are his vices?

Finnian Bell’s fatal flaw is his inability to forgive himself. His past is eating a hole in his heart. He also has to reign in his anger and fighting instincts. He’s spent years trying to overcome that vice. Finnian also knows in no uncertain terms that he needs to stay away from Tiria Vaughn for her own good. But he is drawn to the sadness in her and has a drive to protect her no matter the consequences.

What are his virtues?

Finnian’s greatest virtue has been a learned skill: to protect others at all costs. But this strength is also often a weakness for him, as he struggles to choose the right path and protect the right people.

Is there anything about him you know that the readers don’t and may find interesting?

Finnian is based on a mix ancient archetypes: Dionysus (Woman’s Man); Gladiator; Prodigal Son; Ares (Protector); and Messiah.

How is he described in the book (physical and/or personality)

I loosely based Finnian’s features on Actor Kellan Lutz, as I was looking for a blond with a strong, sleek build—a fighter. Afterward, when my photographer went looking for models, she came across the fellow you see now on the cover. In my mind, he just became Finnian, and when I think of him now, that’s who I see. Interestingly, in real life, this guy is a mixed martial artist.

His heterochromic eyes are his most defining characteristic: one is brown and the other is blue. His brown eye was discolored due to severe trauma to the eye (a very rare occurrence), and the damage is permanent.

 Cheri Lasota


~ About the Author ~

Cheri Lasota has written poetry and fiction for sixteen years, edited fiction for nine years and recently jumped headlong into design work for enhanced e-books. She has a great love for all things techy, so she finds herself pushing the boundaries of e-book marketing and design at every turn. Her passion for fiction and helping other novelists achieve their goals is without limits.

Her bestselling debut novel, ARTEMIS RISING, is a 2013 Cygnus Awards First Place Winner and a 2012 finalist in the Next Generation Indie Books Awards. Cheri just released her how-to e-book DESIGN AND UPLOAD YOUR EPUB and is currently finishing up her second YA novel, ECHOES IN THE GLASS, set on the Oregon Coast.


~ Author Social Media Links ~ | Goodreads | Twitter | Facebook | Google+ | LinkedIn



To see other stops on the tour for reviews, guest posts, and excerpts click here or the tour button below.





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